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Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2020
The gods themselves was a fantastic book. Often when reading science fiction I get caught up in one of 2 negative extremes. The first is an authors attempt to either be way too specific in the science portion of science fiction, as in they delve way too deeply into the wherefores and whys of the science’y undergirding of a story such that my attention wanes and I lose my ability to visualize and lose interest. The other extreme being an authors utter disregard for the facts of reality such that my willful suspension of belief is broken. This book perfectly straddles the Goldilocks zone. The science makes sense, but isn’t too complexly presented, nor too vague or dubious and as such the story is allowed to truly shine.

Speaking of the story: it’s a really well conceived and executed story. It is exciting enough to pull me through, while also having quite a few points to make. It touches on, in my estimation, sexism, racism, feminism, homophobia, the often negative nature of capitalism on scientific pursuits (though this last is couched in vanity rather than discussing the problem of grants and funding in general), and even prophetically talks about our current climate crisis. All this while telling a truly interesting and novel story.

This book has successfully made me excited to read more Asimov.
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4.4 out of 5
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