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Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2020
Michael Connelly recently came onto my radar. I raced through his books to be able to read this book when it came out today.

WHAT A JOKE! This is THE worst book that Connelly has written by FAR. Here’s why:

1) it’s a mystery and we don’t know who did it. Enough said.
2) Nothing Haller and his “team” did made any difference in the case. All their moves led nowhere.
3) The book ends with a heavy dose of “lawyering” and none of it is particularly clever and leads to nothing. The case is dismissed with a whimper!?!
4) Ok. This is a minor gripe, but Connelly has gotten more and more political with his recent books. This one is over the top. I realize that the publisher may be pushing this nonsense, but you would think Connelly has the gravitas to veto such blatant bias. So he is weak or he actually believes that insulting half the country is a good strategy to sell books.
5) Why was Harry Bosch even in this book? He solves crimes from 30 years ago, but just investigates around the edges when his brother is clearly framed. He’s portrayed as an impotent hanger on... Harry Bosch!?!
6) SPOILER ALERT: So many unanswered questions: Was the police officer that pulled Haller over in on it? Who knows? Why did the FBI step in at the last minute, when they could have avoided the publicity of the trial at the beginning? Why did the DA have such animosity? Seriously? What made her so confident? No gun... Haller has three cars, but chooses to drive around knowing he has a body in the trunk? He killed someone for a chance at getting $100K? Seriously? That’s a pretty thin motive.

This book is complete garbage. I can’t believe I was so excited to read it.

I’m done with The Lincoln Lawyer and since this series has turned into a platform to espouse political beliefs, I’m done with Connelly.

Like so many great artists, he appears to have gotten bored with the very thing that made him successful. Whatever this is, it isn’t close to Michael Connelly at his best (20 years ago.)
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