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Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2018
Quiet and takes some trial & error, but it DOES work. If you're having difficulty, read the top review on here. The nurses instructions saved me.

✫ You'll need clean ears, a quiet room, and good hearing to be able to hear the heartbeat.
✫ Heeding the nurse lady's instructions, I made sure the ear plugs were facing forward (not pointing towards the back of my head) and firmly inside my ear.
✫ Took me about 10 minutes of trying different parts of my belly to finally be able to hear my boys heartbeat. Amid all the gurgling noises of my stomach, I was able to make out a very *quiet* but strong, fast, and drum like beat.
✫ One of the hardest parts for me was keeping my hand still enough that I didn't inadvertently create noise. Just the smallest hand movements create loud muffling.
✫ Ultimately, it was a rather uncomfortable (ear pieces hurt), long, and monotonous procedure to be able to hear something only as loud as a whisper. Still, it was a super small investment for something that actually does work.
✫ If you have the patience and proper expectations (it ain't going to be what you're used to hearing at the doctors), then get this.
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