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Reviewed in the United States on August 24, 2019
Using this syringe to measure and draw liquids out of gallon jugs (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for vaping). Works amazing for PG and struggles with room-temp VG, but because the viscosities are so different, this doesn't take any stars off. I'll probably just find a syringe with a larger diameter tube/tip for the thicker liquid.

Otherwise, the plastic tube (equivalent to aquarium airline tubing, can be cut to preferred length) inserts directly into syringe tip without any hassle, and has a very snug fit--but not so snug that I can't pull it off for cleaning. Comes in sterilized packaging and says single use, but if you don't need it sterile, then it's good for multiple uses. Gradations are clearly stamped, but don't expect perfect measurement on these larger syringes--better off using a tared scale or smaller gradated syringe (smaller=less deviation) if you need to measure things with total accuracy.

Also: I haven't noticed any off-flavors in the vape juice I'm making with this syringe as the measuring device. I'll amend this review if the longevity seems lacking, of if off-flavors begin appearing, but so far I'm happy with my purchase.
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