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Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2019
I can't speak to durability, sturdiness or value for the money since it's still rather new and time will only prove those three things. I decided not long ago I really needed to invest in better knives, I've been using those real cheap knives from the Chinese houseware stores for most of my life but they do not sharpen up very well, nor do they stay "sharp" very long and before I die (my bucket list) I really wanted at least 2 really good (pretty good, I do not know what qualifies as really good) knives and bought two. I love them, I sit there just looking at them, they are so lovely, so sharp, so beautiful and slice like you wouldn't believe. Anyway, now that I have my beautiful knives, I needed to protect them. I only have about 30" of counter space to work in so I don't have space for one of those knife blocks and the way the wall is you can't put a magnet strip there. Oh, yes, I have one drawer for all my kitchen utensils, flatware, everything. So I'm using a shallow box to keep things I use all the time including my knives which I have had in those rigid plastic knife sheathes but they are open on top and stuff gets in there including moisture/oil in the air (it is a much used kitchen). So, looked around and saw this. My newest beautiful knife was too big for the other cloth guards I'd bought but this one fits like a glove. It feels sturdy to me, the razor sharp knife edge hasn't cut through the fabric (yet?), seems to be protecting my precious knife. In other words, so far, it's working very well and I can easily tell my excellent knife from all the lousy Chinese-made ones just by its cover.
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