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Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2017
I have a 1 year Labrador, which basically means I share my house with a rambunctious, always ridiculously happy, bulldozing monster. Never the less I thought he was old enough to sleep outside of his kennel with my other and I packed his puppy kennel away. Now he'll chew anything when he decides I've ignored him long enough and he's bored. I thought I had picked up all chewable or even remotely interesting items from dog height. Well not quite, after waking up to find he had decided to chew up and then attempt to ingest a entire glass horse figurine it was time to whip out the kennel again for his own safety. I bought the largest sized kennel for my 65 lbs dog, because I wanted him to have leg room and be able to stretch and move about. Well after setting it up in my living room I feel a little silly. Its not a kennel, it's a doggie condo. It looks sorta like a zoo exhibit in my living room and takes up an entire corner of room. He definitely has leg room and then some. My 75 lbs senior German Shepherd mix will also sometimes crawl in for an escape and a nap and it is oversized for her as well. This kennel could easily fit a Great Dane or Mastiff sized dog although it might not be strong enough to keep them in if they really don't like kennels. Overall the kennel is pretty decent. The wire seems thinner than that of my smaller size kennels, which makes sense or else it would weigh a ridiculous amount. Now my destroyer dog is a definite test of quality, when I come home he slams his front paws against the gate and sides and leaps about. And so far this thing has held up flawlessly he hasn't even bent the sides or scratched the tray after months of Labrador affection showing. The tray is good quality and shows no signs of cracking or wear yet. I feel that I have absolutely gotten my money's worth and would buy this kennel and brand again when one of my other kennels wears out. Although maybe a smaller size...
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