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Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2016
I bought this MR. SIGA microfiber mop to use on bathroom floor tile in place of the Swiffer wet mop that I'd been using. I figured that the pole handle would be sturdier and that the fasten-on cleaning cloths would do a better job of getting into the grout area between the large tiles, rather than just skimming over the tile surface like the smooth Swiffer cloths do.

But now that I've had it for a while, I find that it also works well for our rougher-surface slate flooring in the kitchen as well as our wood flooring throughout most of the house. I've even used it (with the plush side of cloth) to apply a special hardwood floor restorer to our wood floors.

As expected, the stainless steel swivel pole is considerably sturdier and less wiggly than the one on my old Swiffer mop. There's a telescoping mechanism in the middle of the pole. You simply unscrew the lower part of the mechanism, twist the handle in/out to desired length, and then retwist the lower mechanism to lock. There's a plastic handle with a hanging loop.

The washable and reusable cleaning cloths work well. The blue microfiber side is for wet mopping as well as dry "dusting" since the microfiber attracts dust and small particles. The opposite side of the cleaning cloth is a beige plush that I've used for applying polish or wood restoring products to my wood floors. The cleaning cloths clip in and out of the mop plate easily and machine wash/dry well.

The only thing that sort of bugs me is that the cleaning cloths extend beyond the ends of the mop plate. While it's nice to have the cleaning cloths extend out a tiny amount in order to avoid scratching baseboard trim or furniture, I really think it extends out too far in that it makes it harder to put any cleaning pressure on the very edges if you're mopping along a wall.

I've actually found the little included dirt removal tool to be handy for when I'm mopping particularly dirty floors (I have a very large dog who often tracks in mud to our aptly named mudroom/laundry room). While I often just rinse the cleaning cloths off in the sink, it's sometimes more convenient to dip the mop head into a bucket of hot water with cleanser. When I do that, the dirt removal tool allows me to scrape or almost "squeegee" the dirty water from the mop before touching the floor with it again.
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