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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2019
Hi! it's blocky dino 1157! And here in second rewiew i've ever done i am more than happy!!! : ) Why?! 'Cause DSTN got out in, like 1 month!!!

Well, first... the book:

ZzZzZz... haha,troll! I got ya! I'm just too lazy today!(there will be no more troll today)


1. (it's a big one) A strange person in town named Trololol is causing havoc in the forteress. His acts were destroying and stealing all the crops of every farmer of the forteress, destroy and burn some small homes and stealing everything in the low secured Paul's potions shop. Everything of that was done while Steve was away. Steve finds out that it is Leila who was triyng to get attention from steve. Result? Leila gets 1 month of prison.

2. Avery makes a camouflage uniform for the millitary units

QUESTION: Is the error that Arceus eated even he can't?

I guess it's the end!

bye au revoir до скорее стреще
(it's bye in french and Russian)
Blocky Dino 1157 signin' out ; )
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