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Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2011
Unlike many eco-warning books, Charles Fishman isn't presenting a dire admonition, but a fascinating exploration of water, as the most unique substance in the universe. You can read the ecological, economical, and even sociological impacts of water, or the current predicaments in numerous technical volumes, but Mr. Fishman presents as much hope as caution, some of it scary, some of it beautiful, all of it wondrous. Readers will likely learn more about their (our) relationship to water in this one book than in all the technical and ecological books out there--because it is, ultimately, as much about humanity as it is about the most life-sustaining substance about which it speaks. This is not a "share and scare" book, it's a warm conversation of a substantive nature. My four kids are waiting for my copy to free up, and my wife's bookmark is chasing mine through the pages. It really should be taught in every school where students depend on water to survive and to sustain the lives to which we've become accustomed.

There is no political agenda here, no social-leaning to either side. Mr. Fishman's presentation is just as important to all of us, regardless of the things that sometimes divide us--as I said, it's as much about being human as it is about water.

Definitely worth the read, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the excellent prose and style as much as the information. I highly recommend it!
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