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Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2019
I ordered these the 1st day they were available and received them today. They connected easily but on the 1st song I played the audio started slowing down less than a minute in and distorted the vocals and music. I thought maybe it’s just a glitch because they are only 75% charged so I charged them up and reconnected them and it was even worse than before. I called Apple support and spoke to 2 women who were beyond slow and the opposite of geniuses. I was told the 2nd one was a senior supervisor not sure what her qualifications were as she was as inept and unhelpful as her subordinate. After 37 minutes on the call timer and being on hold over 5x I hung up. I’m going to the Apple store tomorrow. So I went to the Apple store and with help from the guys there we were able to determine the music issue only happens with Amazon music - which is my service of choice. I’ve been checking everyday for an update to fix this glitch. Apple said they will take them back if one doesn’t come out in the next week or so. I hate being a casualty in someone’s else’s war....😕
Alright there is a workaround - Settings-Amazon Music-Turn Microphone to Off. Then when you pull up Amazon Music deny permission for microphone access for Alexa. It fixes the distortion issue when playing music but then I have to turn it back on when I’m using it in the car. So I’m updating my rating from 2 stars to 3 stars. If they release an update so I can use Alexa again I’ll raise it up higher.
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