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Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2018
I've spent a lot of money on Smart Home tech lately, buying myriad brands and devices, to include Wink, Hue, Smart+/Lightify, August, Schlage and GE). I've found that, by a huge margin, the Kasa brand has been the most reliable, and caused the least amount of heartburn out of the bunch! They typically respond immediately (nearly imperceptible delay, seriously!) to Echo commands with only the occasional exaggerated delay, none of my other devices respond as fast, nor do they work at their fastest as often as my Kasa devices have. Once installed they are easy to connect, the schedules are easy to program (I've never had one glitch yet, which I can't say about the others), and the app is the absolute quickest to connect and respond when "away" (it might even be faster than when using the Echo).

That is why I'm actually sad to only give it 4 stars. What could Kasa possibly do to make themselves worthy of that 5th star, you ask? Simply offer a toggle design instead of only decora/rocker style switches. These simply don't fit the aesthetic of my home and my wife will only let me put them in out-of-sight places (under the cupboards and in the garage so far). I would happily pack up and sell off every other of my myriad devices to replace them with a Kasa offering of equal ability and a "rustic" design, but that's not an option, and since I'm sure that's not going to ever happen, I'll have to stick with the GE toggles until I can convince my wife "Rustic Futuristic" is a thing.
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