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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2019
I am going to start off by saying I was excited when this model came out, not impressed now but it works. I am not a fan of these cheap electronic push button control chargers and this one is no different in that respect than the lessor known brands. The buttons are not of any quality, barely touch them and they change. You have zero ability to override anything the smart charger is simply not smart overall. Will not charge a completely dead battery, you have to get some kind of a charge in it from another manual charger first, bring it up to about 5v. Once that is achieved this unit will take it from there and de-sulfite it if necessary and will do a good job from there.

However you will need a second charger for completely dead batteries to get some volts into them because this charger outright rejects a completely dead battery and will not even attempt to high amp jump it, hence the smart charger is not smart. This is labeled as a pro series, seriously it is not. Pro's know how to charge batteries and should be able to do that with a single unit.

The manual says for a completely dead battery charge it up first on a trickle/low charge, which would be great if the unit would actually do that instead of completely rejecting a dead battery. I had two batteries it rejected, put them on my old tried and true Schumacher charger and brought them up to 7 volts then put them on this charger to finish which they did, charged very good. However If I decided to "Trust" this charger I would have been buying two more batteries for $300 needlessly. But I didn't because I knew the batteries were good and were just flat from sitting for many months in a cold unheated space.

I have been a Schumacher fan for years, but the next charger will be a different brand unless they step their game up a bit . The older units with the meters were/are bullet proof and do an outstanding job. But the company decided to go the route where the electronics are smarter than the people using these kind of machines for decades.

Hoping someone I know gets the next new version so I can try it out and see if they have improved. So I can only give it 3 stars because being labeled as a pro series & a smart charger and it failed miserably in both claims. For the average person who does not have 5-6 vehicles where some sit for a while it would work good for their needs. For someone who has a fleet of vehicles and other engine operated equipment no so much.
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