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Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2019
So, let's see. This person changed her view on abortion because she saw an abortion and it grossed her out. Abortion is wrong because it's yucky. Add that to the list of dumb arguments anti-abortionists make (along with abortion is wrong because fetuses, which have never been conscious, don't know they're alive, and possess no self-awareness, are somehow people with more rights than any other person; abortion is wrong because God said so, even though he didn't and the Bible clearly treats fetuses as property--and God doesn't even exist in the first place). Bring all these to bear against the only rational argument in this whole debate (that abortion is right because no entity, person or not, has a right to live inside my body: your rights end at my nose, period), and there isn't even a debate to be had.
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