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Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2017
This book was amazing. It had humor, a s-uh-weet add of ninjas, human clothes, Super Happy Fun Town, and the mention of Entity 303. Cube Kid, please don't listen to those one star reviewers who say that your books are bad. You are awesome, and keep on writing. Also, this is just a suggestion, could you please add me into the book? Please call me Jesse WitherStorm, and let me be part of Team Runt. I would also like to be a pro, and also be the only survivor of a village obliterated by a Herobrine Attack. Thank you.
Happy Writing/Crafting,
Jesse WitherStorm
PS. Could you add a Wither Storm to the book, and let the villagers fight it? And could you add Jesse, Olivia, Axel, Lukas, and the rest of the characters on Minecraft: Story Mode?
PPS. Could you let Runt's Team become the Order of the Creeper?
PPPS. Let them fight the ENDER Dragon in a furniture book?
PPPPS. I like the part on how Runt said that Breeze is the most beautiful person ever, and blamed his quill. (CRUSH!!)
PPPPPS. Hurgg. Hurrgurgurgurg. Mega Super Hurrgurgurgugrgurgrgurgrugurgurgrugrurgrurgrur. Oops. Tee-Hee.
PPPPPPS. When is the Nether Kitten 8-bit Warrior crossover coming? Hurr?
PPPPPPP-Oh you get the point! This is starting to bore the ENDER out of me. I am writing books about a group of adventurers trying to defeat a terrible enemy.... you'll probably find them on Amazon after a few months... DUN-DUM-DUM.
Jesse WitherStorm
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