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Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2020
The pros outweigh the cons at this point, so I may not be returning this. But it is NOT my favorite water bottle.
I wanted a 1 liter bottle to encourage me to drink more. This bottle comes a strainer, a bottle cleaning stick, and replacement rubber parts for the lid. I like that it has time markers that will encourage and track drinking 2 liters a day. For sure, the price is right.
On the minus side, this bottle is VERY slipperynd I put a couple of rubberbands around it to prevent it from slipping out of my hand.
The other negative issue for me is the plastic taste in the water. I had never heard of Tritan plastic, and since this is rated BPA free, was surprised that the plastic was leaching into the bottle. Perhaps it is a temporary issue, much like the off gassing of new furniture. I will give it a couple of weeks tomsee if the taste goes away.
I do have a Thermos brand bottle that is BPA free and has ridges for a good grip, but it is only 20 ounces.
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