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Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2018
I have 5 Echo Dots (gen 2) and we use them throughout the house for just about everything, being we have a fairly smart home. What I liked about the gen 2 versions, were that they were compact and very flexible on how you could use them. They were easy to mount in different positions and being that they used a fairly standard USB interface for the power, you could really be flexible on how and where you mounted them. The one thing that they really missed on? The well known sound quality.

Enter the Gen 3...
I really like the improvement in sound. Sure it is not a high quality speaker system, but for the size it is pretty good. Especially when you consider that you can pair them and add a sub for pretty good sound. The look is improved over the gen 2, however it does lose a little bit of the customability that the gen 2 had. With the gen 2, you could purchase different wraps, stands, clock mounts, wall mounts, etc. You could really customize it. The gen 3 is a bit bigger and has a much more rounded shape. While it makes it look better by itself, it lacks the ability to really customize it. It surely would not work as a power socket mount, like you could do with the gen 2, just due to the additional weight.

That is before you get to the horrendous power cord and adapter. The power adapter is twice as big as the gen 2 and the power cord went away from the, easy to find, usb style cord to a old style input style and it is permanently attached to the power adapter. This is really my biggest complaint as it took away so much flexibility, that you could enjoy with the gen 2. Don't get me wrong, I am sure there will be several new cords and adapters put out to fill the gap, but that is not as easy as using cords many already have. Just makes no sense. Not to mention the cord is really long, so in areas where you want it to be a bit more discreet, this thing sticks out like a sore thumb.

What I like...
Sound Quality is a step up
Sound Volume is much improved
Base look is much improved

What I dislike...
Much less flexibility on how it is used versus previous version
Non-standard power cord
Bulky adapter
Ugly long cord
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