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Reviewed in the United States on January 28, 2020
A Favor for a Favor is the second book in a spin-off series from Helena Hunting’s Pucked series. It is a slow burn enemies to lovers, sports romance told in dual pov. I loved the first book in the series but this is in a class of its own!! What will she have in store for us in the third book Kingston’s book!!

One of the things about Helena’s books you can always count on a funny, quirky, laugh out loud “meet cute” and she did not disappoint on this one.

Helena opens the story up with Stevie (RJ's younger sister from A Lie for a Lie) arriving at RJ’s empty apartment to stay. This is due to the fact that she was going to surprise her boyfriend at their new apartment, but she is the one that is surprised finding him plowing someone else on their brand-new couch!! Arriving at her brother apartment really late after having one terrible day, she looks a mess, she broke her suitcase, and she can’t get the key in the door. The door across the hall opens and this good looking but rude man starts yelling about all the noise she is making. What a way for her day to end her birthday no less!!

Misunderstanding on both of their parts, him thinking she is sneaking into his married team captain's apartment, so he is rude and disrespectable to her. Her thinking he is a womanizer who seems to have a constant stream of women in and out of his door and extremely grumpy.
Stevie does not know he is a member of the new Seattle’s hockey expansion team, the same one her brother is the caption on. Bishop does not know Stevie is the little sister of his new captain…the one that he does not see eye to eye with!!

These two start a love hate relationship that is so hot is could just combust. With all the tempers and snarky attitudes, full of banter and humor and one-liners with sizzling chemistry. There is this cat and mouse game in the hall in the mornings as they pick up their newspapers with him in his boxers with sayings on them and her wearing sports bras and yoga pants. They antagonize each other but all it is doing is arousing them both!! Their reactions are so hilariously funny!

During one of Bishop’s game he suffers a groin injury and is worried about being off the ice for too long. Even thou this was not funny some of the scenes you could not help to laugh out loud, him struggling to get into his apartment. Stevie finds him passed out in the hall and allowed him to stay on her couch overnight. She discovers he is a hockey player and eventually they make the connection!!

Stevie offers to help, she's a is physiotherapist specializing in sports therapy and would love to get some experience rehabbing an NHL player without her brothers help. She could get him back on the ice faster so he finally gives in. This is where the fun begins and boy was it fun!! Their friendship/relationship was a slow and steady build, they seemed to bring out the best of each other. But they were not without obstacles on their road to love!!

I enjoyed this story from start to finish and can’t wait for the next book coming.
I loved spending time with the Pucked family, and oh boy I’ll just say omg Violet!!
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