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Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2016

Bought this book thinking that because it's been made into a film, it's likely pretty good. Nope, it's awful. Truly awful.

All law enforcement officers and agents are dimwits, a teenage girl outwits EVERYONE, a six year old boy with a switchblade unescorted in a cinema, a hero who looks like Frankenstein, and...a 'rescued' woman who repeatedly seeks justice--but doesn't get it because our author lets the bad guys kill themselves. Oh, it goes on: thousands of $$ and a corvette AND a pickup truck just sitting around unprotected, easy access to choice airline seats without any time spent in security, bones breaking in silence, law enforcement officers choosing to not act...did a kid write this? I mean really, did this writer do any research or did a kid write this?

Let the title speak for itself: Never Go Back to a book written by this charlatan named Lee Child.
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