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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2019
I read this to my son, who is a fourth grader, and immediately knew I needed to spin this into a tale of how NOT to pursue a woman. Geez Louise. I thought this book had to have been written in the ‘40’s, not the ‘90’s!

An old man who “watches” (spies on) his female neighbor through his bushes and claims to love even though he isn’t brave enough to speak to her?! He wants her to become “his slave”! He manipulates her by stealing her much loved pet, which is never heard from again. (WHAT HAPPENED TO ALFIE??) What is this creep’s long-term plan with this woman? Is he going to keep up this web of deception he’s based their relationship/marriage on? Or will he eventually tell her the truth? What are they even going to talk about after the wedding? Oh my gosh, I have so many questions.
My greatest fear is that teachers are reading this to our children and teaching both boys and girls that this type of behavior is acceptable and even “romantic”!
No part of this book, the tale of the couple or the tale of the animals, is appropriate for children. Or teenagers. Or really anyone for that matter.
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