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Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2019
I used LawnStar Chelated Iron on a group of River Birch trees suffering with chlorosis. After much research, I chose LawnStar, as it was the best deal for the type of Chelation I wanted. It took a few weeks for the leaves to start greening up & I will likely treat them again to ensure good coverage. So far I find this a great product & I got it at a real a good price. (There are different mineral deficiencies that can cause chlorosis, so always have a soil test before blaming any product.)

[Long Review]:
I purchased a bottle of LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron. (In essence, this is an Iron Fertilizer, providing plants with the iron minerals they need to grow.)

My purchase was mostly to treat a 45' tall group of River Birch trees that looked anemic and yellow, suffering with chlorosis. While I have other plants that can certainly benefit from it, our river birch trees were the worst and most in need of help.

I had been putting it off, but knew it was time I did something when a “tree guy” from a local nursery was cutting down a neighbor's tree that had been damaged in a storm, and noticed that indeed our birch trees looked really yellow. He said they appeared to be suffering from Iron chlorosis & that he could treat our trees if I wanted. I knew I could do it myself, as I had in the past, especially for the price he was charging.

I looked thru my ancient gardening books (the best For good information!) and also checked the internet for up to date information. To explain what I found in short & for those who don't know...
Iron chlorosis is a term describing leaf yellowing (lack of chlorophyll) due to insufficient iron. Iron is one of many minerals that are essential for plants, some of which help to make chlorophyll, and in turn are needed for photosynthesis. These are the literal life-blood of the plant!

Something to add at this point is that there are also other causes of Chlorosis in plants besides a deficiency of Iron. Although it is one of the most common deficiencies that causes Chlorosis, there are other mineral deficiencies that do. And even if it is Iron chlorosis that is affecting a plant, it is still very important to find out what is causing ANY deficiency in a plant.

Things like soil type, soil ph, environmental conditions, etc. could be the underlying cause, so just treating a symptom isn't always the best course of action.

Furthermore, for Iron chlorosis (IF that is what the problem actually is) there are many different iron based chemical treatments one can choose to use. Generally the best choice is an Iron Chelate, which is a form of Iron that helps to get the most Iron to the plant, in the shortest amount of time and most importantly, in a form that the plant can make the most use of.

Furthermore, of the Iron chelating agents used for this, each one works differently from the others. Of the different types (such as EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA, etc.) each one has properties making one better or worse than another, for each particular situation (such as soil condition, ph, etc) and for each particular method of application (Like Foliar Feeding, Root Feeding, etc.)
Of course another variable you may consider is price, however it makes no sense to buy the most expensive type, when conditions don't call for it, and equally it is not a good deal to purchase a lower cost type, if again, conditions don't call for it. An inexpensive bag of “Iron Fertilizer” that doesn't get properly absorbed by the plant is not a good deal no matter how cheap it was!

While my facts and hurried explanations may not be very good nor entirely accurate, the important thing is that I learned a lot reading all about the problems my Birch trees are suffering from. In addition, I have figured out that they may not even have an Iron deficiency, even though the guy from the nursery who took a quick passing glance at my trees concluded that it was.! (After all, it just as likely could be a magnesium deficiency causing the chlorosis!

My reason for mentioning all of this is to illustrate the point that to really judge the quality of a product like this, one has to make sure they are using the right product for the problem at hand, as well as using the product right!

Many, MANY people write product reviews, blaming the product inappropriately. Most have used the incorrect product for their situation, while others used the product inappropriately, yet again blame the product in their review.
In order for me to really use this product appropriately, I really ought to have gotten a soil test FIRST, to make sure that indeed it is the right product for my tree's situation. It is easy to see that the trees suffer from Chlorosis, is is less easy to determine specifically what that situation actually is! (Iron Chlorosis or Magnesium Chlorosis... or what? ….AND WHY?!

After reading all kinds of information, I then read tons of ingredient labels from all different brands and websites. So not only do I need to find what the trees really need and what their problem is specifically for sure, I need to determine how I plan to apply it (Having first found out the benefits of each method).

Checking labels for the right chelate, I can then check the concentration, the ounces per bottle (or bag) and the cost, all in an effort to find exactly what I want at the best deal. (I won't go into the factors that help me to trust one brand over another, as that is more abstract and psychological.)

So, bottom line, I chose the LawnStar brand, based on all the research I did. and all the information I found on the various products (and brands) I ran across. Even reading suggestions people gave in their reviews for other products were looked into & considered.

The LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron looked to be a very good product, as well as a very good deal. While not a brand I was familiar with, they seemed to be a reputable company with good reviews. Also, they provided information about their products that a normal gardener/user who knew what they were doing, would need. (Nothing aggravates me more than when a company won't reveal useful and needed information about their products. How they expect someone to make a decision when they hide this sort of information makes me doubt their ability to do other needed things also.)

After using the LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron, I waited to write this review in order to have some basis for my resulting product review.

It took a few weeks to see the change, but indeed my trees are greening up! Nothing miraculous, but then it takes time for these things to happen and changes like this to take place.

I definitely recommend this product and also plan to purchase it again in the future (if needed). I also plan to try out some of their other products, as so far they have proven to be selling good products at a good price. Both of these qualities are very important to us.

I assume my trees will continue to green up even more as time passes.
I know I have more work in soil conditioning to do which should also help long term,

Perhaps in my next review, I will be able to have some pictures to prove the results I have seen.
Thank you to LawnStar. Keep the products good... and affordable!

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