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Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2017
I'm using these for a 4 month old infant; maybe they're better for older babies. I thought they were going to be soft, like silicone or rubberized tips. They are not. They are hard plastic and you can kinda feel seams or something on the sides of the spoon. For my very little baby, I find the spoon is just a tiny bit too deep and she can't empty the whole spoon depth by moving her upper lip across it. So considering we are dealing with very tiny amounts on the spoon to begin with -- I don't fill up the whole spoon-- it's kinda silly that it's not just more shallow to begin with.

The spoons are also poorly weighted in terms of handle length and tipping point. If you're using a small dish for food you can't lay these across the dish or in the dish with the scoop side down because the weight of the handle pulls it back out and then your spoon is on the floor. Not cool. The bump on the underside of the spoon CAN be used to help lean the spoon against the dish but it's not as fast and easy as would be just setting the spoon in or across the dish (it's a balancing act). So it's a bummer that doesn't work since I find i need to set the spoon down a few times each feeding and don't want to just lay it on the table to make a sticky spot.
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