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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2016
My 3-year-old got this a few days ago and never took it off until I had to wash it. She is anxiously waiting for it to get out of the dryer because she loves it so much. She is so excited about the wings! She doesn't like to wear it with the hood up because the mane makes it really bulky and it feels weird, but it's not a huge problem. It does fit a little small, but it is nice and thick and soft.

I took a star off my rating because the pony on the sweatshirt is not Rarity! Not being a Pony connoisseur, I would never have known that it is actually Twilight Sparkle. It didn't matter to my daughter because, for her, a Pony is a Pony, but this could cause problems for other kids. Besides this, within an hour of putting it on, the zipper split open. We got it put back together, and we haven't had any problems in the few days since then, but I am worried that it is a signal of a bad zipper and that it will break for good soon. We'll find out, I guess!
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