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Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2018
I have needed something like this for a long time, and am happy to stop using hot water and (hopefully) sanitize my towels, sheets and underwear. The reason for four stars is because of the inconvenience of using it correctly- I have had to watch the washer to catch the rinse cycle and pause it for at least 15 minutes, since, according to the directions, 16 minutes minimum is required for effective use. My fabric softener dispenser is too small to hold the recommended amount as well, and my washer's rinse time is quite short. Many reviewers have indicated that they ignore these directions and use it with detergent in the wash cycle. However, I fail to see how they can know it works, judging only by appearance and scent. I needed to know and contacted the manufacturer: " In response to your inquiry we cannot recommend any deviation from the usage directions as it may interfere with the product's efficacy. This product will provide limited softening effect, so you can dispense the product in your fabric softener dispenser. " So..... if you're not using it in the rinse for 16 minutes, you're throwing your money away. Unless your bacteria is visible . . . I add a little fabric softener before I re-start the rinse cycle. I would switch to an unscented version in a heartbeat, but as a scent sensitive person, I cannot smell this unless I bury my face in the towels. I'm guessing anyone with issues may be using too much. I have also had not skin issues, and have sensitive skin as well.
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