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Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2020
The Lightning Thief is one of those books that I always meant to read but never got around to doing so because well, the movie was meh and I wanted to wait till the hype train slowed down a little. I had started the book years before in a frenzy and put it down right after Percy had arrived at Camp Half-Blood and that was that... until my good friend, Three, found out I was looking at reading it again. Because what do you mean you haven't read this book yet, Rachel?

Riordan masterfully weaved myth and world-building into a plot that I absolutely hated when I had to put the book down. I would've had this book done in a few days if life hadn't happened but you had better believe when I got the chance to read again, his prose had me glued to the pages. I'd be reading Sea of Monsters right now if my book club read and my library hold hadn't come in at the same time... I enjoyed the book that much and I'm dying to get caught up. How he turned Percy's ADHD and dyslexia into positives and made them a matter of his brain being wired for a different environment had me a little emotional at times as someone who has a similar struggle to Percy's but it was something I enjoyed. I wish I'd read this years ago but I'm glad I finally came around to picking it up again.
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