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Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2018
I pee about a million times a day and need sensitive toilet paper that lasts a long time and is cost effective. I was intrigued to find out Amazon now had its own variety of toilet paper and I can say after giving it a try for 2 months, I am extremely impressed. I typically purchase Angel Soft, Charmin Ultra Soft, or Cottonelle brand tp. Angel Soft is cheap and 1 roll usually lasts me a day. Charmin is a step up from that and the rolls usually last me 1.25 days, but is more expensive. Cottonelle has the best material of the three and is absorbent, but is also the most expensive and lasts me 1.5 days. All in all, I spend a lot of money on toilet paper every month. Therefore, I needed something better and more cost effective.
Amazon Presto has it all. It is extremely cost effective. One of these rolls lasts me at least 2 days and the material is super soft and absorbent. I am really happy and won't go back to those other brands. Now if Amazon could only make flushable wipes the world would be a better place...

UPDATED 5/18: Needed more toilet paper and could only think of one brand to buy. My husband even stated that he loves Presto too and was impressed by how long-lasting and soft it was.
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