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Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2018
I had such high hopes. Been vegetarian for a very, very long time, but have never tried Worthington products because I can’t find them locally, even in metro NY. And now I know why.

FriChik looks good: basically like big chik’n nuggets, submerged in gravy. They cook up without falling apart. They are firm enough to require a knife and fork.

I just wish I quit while I was ahead, because the taste is nothing short of horrifying. The gravy is incredibly salty... similar to the gravy that comes with Tofurky, but much saltier. Like straight soy sauce that has been thickened. I removed the chiks from the gravy and blotted them, hoping for a more palatable flavor.

My hopes were dashed with the first bite. The texture is firm, but slightly crumbly... kind of like what I vaguely remember a Salisbury steak to be like. And the flavor has some potential, but the saltiness is overpowering. The aftertaste is so pronounced, I’m still tasting it, many hours later.

To the rookie vegetarians who have been traumatized by this product: don’t give up. I promise you, there are much pleasanter options in the mock meat department. Try Gardein or Morningstar fake chicken nuggets. Sparingly, of course, as mock meats aren’t the healthiest choices, but good for when one has a craving for comfort foods.

Too long, didn’t read: adjust your expectations and proceed with caution.
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