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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2018
I got this book from a friend when I was expecting and loved the advice given and tried to inplement what I could. Before I started reading it, though, I saw a lot of negative reviews about how the author says it's ok for your baby to be hungry so I was very skeptical to start reading; however, that isn't what the book says at all-quite the opposite! It teaches you--among other things-- how to recognize when your baby is hungry versus something else (wet, dirty, cold, tired, etc), how to use a schedule that is flexible so your baby can eat at relatively the same times while still not going hungry, and how to encourage night time sleep. My daughter was a great sleeper right off the bat but using this book has helped me give her better nighttime sleep! I knew not to rush in if she gives off one regular cry because she's likely still sleeping and so many other things. I wasn't able to do the eat, wake time, sleep cycle (believe me, I tried!) since my daughter would want to eat again before sleeping. So I did the eat, sleep, wake and it still worked. My friend who gave it to me said that happened to her middle child and she did the same thing. Whatever works!
My daughter is 18 months now and we have used a couple of the other books in the series and my daughter is literally awesome!! I know that using boundaries that were explained in the book has been a huge factor in this. I'm a much more competent parent than I would have been without these books. Thank you Baby Wise!!
Also, I have a friend who was super sleep deprived with a three-month-old and I ordered this for her. Her baby went from maybe sleeping 4-5 hours at her longest stretch (which I think was during the day) to sleeping 8 hours at night within a few weeks. She's still working on getting the hours up but I haven't asked to see how diligent she is in the program.
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