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Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2016
This is a fantastic machine. It has served us well for the past 2-3 years over all types of kid and animal messes. It died though so I am buying its replacement right now Oct 2016. Bissell could have made this machine more durable because there is a terrible flaw with the hose. I have attached a photo of my new machine. Notice when the handheld brush is installed in the machine for storage, the hose becomes very bent and kinks right at the point where it goes into the plastic tool. This kink is where the hose will wear out and crack over time. The crack began small but grew quickly. Attached is a picture of my current Bissell with hose break. Bissell should have designed the holder to put less stress on this area, but since they haven't you should do as I am going to do and DO NOT PUT THE HANDHELD BRUSH IN THE HOLDER EVER! To avoid this kink problem I affixed two wire ties to the handheld brush that allow me to still hold the tool for storage. One wire tie is taunt and the other is loose and hooks over the lever of the machine, a picture of this is attached.

Again, great machine overall. One final note, don't bother with the Bissell SpotBot handsfree machines that you sit on a stain and their circular brush agitates the carpet automatically for you for like 5 minutes. You end up with a "circle" on your carpet where the stain was that you have to "blend in" using the hand tool so they disappear into the larger area rug. I lived with one of those machines too long. Your much better off doing all the work carefully by hand with the SpotClean Professional.
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