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Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2020
My family has been using these cups for years, and they are about the best around for not leaking. To clarify, they do still leak here and there, but are still way better than other cups. Leaking occurs mostly around the rim, where the child drinks out of, but pretty much only happens if the cup is dropped, or slammed down, and usually a small amount of water. One strange occurrence, however, is that once in a great while when the cup is dropped onto a hard floor, the silicone insert on top will pop off, and water gushes out at a pretty good rate. Now, an even less common occurrence from dropping is that once in a huge, great while, the entire white lid will pop right off, despite being thoroughly screwed on. Now, as you can imagine, this causes a huge mess, but doesn't happen very often.

These cups are a bit of a pain to handwash, but I'd like to address the mold issue in other reviews. My kids very rarely drink anything other than water or milk, and I have noticed that the mold only forms if we have had juice or milk in the cups, and the cup goes missing for several weeks. My experience with these cups indicates that all the angry reviews of moldy cups, and claims of children being placed in danger must be a result of giving children milk or juice in these cups, and reusing them for several weeks, without being washed or checked, something I wouldn't even do with my own water bottle, so I believe there is some user error involved. The area that grows mold can be checked in a split second by simply lifting the edge of the colored silicone insert real quick, so this makes me further place the blame for undetected mold infestations on the users, and not this fine product. In addition, another early indicator of mold is the clear o-ring becoming discolored. So, you really have to ignore both common sense, and early warning signs in order to have your children drinking out of a mold-infested cup of this type. My impression is that these cups are great for allowing kids to have their water right there with them throughout the day, and when using this cup with just water, a regular washing will prevent mold just fine. In fact, even when we've found cups that have been missing for months, say, under the couch, or car seat, they still don't have mold in them if they were used with water.

My advice is that if you are planning on using these cups for milk or juice, also plan on completely tearing them down and washing them later that same day. Otherwise, you will guaranteed have mold within a few days. These cups make a nearly perfect environment for mold to thrive in, so we need to stay a step ahead of it.

As far as being easy to hold, this could be worse, but some handles would be nice. The smaller cups of this type have an option for handles, but the larger ones don't seem to be available with handles, which is unfortunate.

Overall, this is a great product!!
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