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Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2021
A little background: I had lumbar spinal fusion surgery on Dec. third —today is Jan. 25th. For more than a month significant low back woke me up in the neighborhood of 5/5:30 —on my stomach. I began worrying that the surgery was not successful, but I did take note of my sleep position and finally determined that I'm a stomach/side sleeper.

This morning I awoke at 8:30 (lazy bum) with no significant pain. I was so accustomed to opening my sleepy eyes in the pre-dawn gloom that at first I thought the clock indicated quarter to six. When my vision cleared and the clock came into focus I was astounded.

Mattress pros and cons —so far: I don't have Covid (actually had my first Moderna vaccination), but I detected no off-gassing oder whatsoever. The mattress molded to my body and supported the contours of my frame, and I didn't wake up too warm. As far as edge support, it does compress more than my old mattress when sitting, but that factor is not important to me; sleeping is, sitting isn't.

So, my initial 4 star rating is what I consider a fair and objective review, but that might click up to a 5 if in the coming days (nights) my greatly improved sleep quality continues. I'll update periodically. Hope this is helpful to all those losing sleep over the torment of selecting a new mattress.

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