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Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2020
Anyone who owns an inflatable SUP knows that a thoroughgoing PITA they are to inflate with the hand pumps supplied. By the time you’ve inflated the board, you’re too hot and pooped to enjoy it. There are many electric pumps out there, but most need access to a 110v or 12v power outlet. This pump solves all that in a neat little package, and it appears to work really well, too!

THE ROSES: Compact, and not too heavy. Comes in a carrying case and includes a number of adapters for SUPs, kayaks, and various inflatable toys. I also use it to inflate my wife’s yoga balls. When inflating my SUP, I found it to be extremely fast. I was worried that it was not reading the correct pressure, but I cross-checked it against the pressure gauge on the SUP’s hand pump, and found they checked. You can also set the shutoff pressure so you don’t have to watch the inflation process, worrying about overfilling. Battery capacity seems to be acceptable. It appears I can fill 2 SUPs on one charge.

THE THORNS: Getting included adapter to fit on my SUP was a bit fiddly. It includes silicone o-rings of different thicknesses, so some trial and error was necessary. I finally got things to work after I lubricated the o-ring with some silicone grease.

THE VERDICT: This SUP pump is working great (so far; I’ve only used it once). If it continues to perform acceptably, I would say this is a very good product, and a great value for money.

I recommend.
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