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Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2004
There are so many diffrent types of palms out today that you don't know what to get. I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy so i was torn between the Zire 71, Tungsten T, and Sony Clie. In doing my research, the Tungsten's most attractive feature was the keyboard, but let's face it: are you going to be typing long documents via the mini keyboard? For hard core typing, i prefer using my actual desktop computer where i don't have to strain and punch tiny keys with my thumb. And Bluetooth? None of my wireless tools are Bluetooth enabled, and very few on the market are right now unless you seek it out. Finally i chose the zire 71 b/c of the camera. Everyone says that the digital camera on the zire 71 is useless due to its low rez. True in one sense; after all, i have a REAL digital cam for great photography. But you know what? This mini cam actually is a fantastic addition b/c it allows you to take VISUAL MEMOS. This can practically eliminate graffiti (or mini keyboard) when you want to type in the latest cd on your wish list. WHy scribble when you can take a snapshot of it? you don't need major megapixels for that, and it proves to be a very useful tool. I work in a visual/creative environment, so it's indispensible. All around town (and i live in NYC)i take visual memos with my zire (I'll be in the record store and take pix of cds i want, i'll take pix of furniture at Ikea to later look at in the comfort of my home to rearrange furniture, I'll take pix of the latest restaurant review instead of dragging the entire magazine around or tearing out the article, i'll take pix of business cards or store hours or anything that i need to quickly refer to. It makes me increasingly paperless. And when i do need to type actual text (even tho i hate graffiti), I just download Tealscript (it's free) to create my own custom graffiti so I don't have to adhere to Palm's rigid strokes.
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