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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2019
Purchased for the switch instead of the "Hori" brand at Target which is $29.99. I plugged it into the back part of the switch dock instead of the side of it so it would be concealed and tucked away at the back. After that you just have to go to the internet settings and select wired and it will 'switch' over from wireless. Internet test showed everything was where it should be performance wise. When you pick up the switch it will go into wireless mode obviously since at that point it is no longer directly connected with the dock. It takes a bit of time to reactivate connections automatically between wireless and wired mode.

Our WiFi modem isn't located that far away but it isn't the greatest brand and there are things in the way or devices causing interference so our signal will jump up and down. Our tv works fine streaming wireless but the switch doesn't get a strong enough signal. We tweaked some settings in the router and moved it and the switch but in the end it didn't do much. We bought this since most of the time our games would end due to disconnections but now I will say that hasn't happened at all since we hooked it up. Thanks for making this product!
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