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Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2018
I am tired of reviews spouting some garbage about Elevon and blaming this machine. First off many of us do NOT use Elevon. I use World pay and had 0 problems hooking up and downloading this machine. So instead of blaming the terminal, blame YOUR choice to have a subpar processing company.

I used a Verifone Omni 3200SE until last week which this replaced which I am primarily comparing it to. They said it was outdated but it did have many features this did not. An UPDATED terminal should be better and retain features which were helpful. Verifone decided not to do that in the cases cited below.

The Cons are:

It spits out a lot of paper with a mandatory batch report prior to settlement which seems to not be able to be turned off. this is an unnecessary waste of thermal paper.
Lack of customization. In alignment with what I said about the reports...the backlight cannot be adjusted (It should since it has a parameter for it but it does not work on any of these terminals).
No pre authorization. WHY? I am not sure why they removed this feature but it is a complete lack of insight and a PITA now.
Programming has many sub menus now. Whereas before we had a few buttons for things, now you have one button and a LOT of sub menus.

The Pro:
This unit is FAST. I was using dial up prior so I may be skewed. But I press the enter key and transaction is DONE.
Smaller footprint. This terminal is about 2/3 of the size of my last one.
Uses the same paper. At least that they carried over. I have over 200 rolls from the last terminal.
Internet connection. Actually a LOT of ways to connect. Fast.
Contactless, debit, swipe & chip card reader.

I will update this as time goes on.
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