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Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2017
Someone liked this story cause it got a lot of high marks, but I just found it stupid, boring, and dumb. It's written well.. It flows, but so dull after a bit. Felt like playing house.
This girl, Meg...and she is a girl, has the personality of a stick. She just reminds me of someone zombified by psych meds. Monotone voice. Geeky. Nothing interesting about her, other than a most extraordinary gift to heal, but she's too afraid to use it for fear of being charged as a witch. Your dang right she has a right to be afraid. I mean we fear the blue light today, so imagine back then, the first time she whipped out her blue light, those people would have burned her so fast, Tht if they had to burn the castle down to do, so be it... Cause yep, she be a witch.
She travels with her pet wolf. Yes, its normal, everyone has one.
She's the pawn in a clan war. And the chief Tht rescues/captures her, falls for her because of her beauty. Definitely a witch! Just beauty, and a bland personality. Meg's character comes across as someone who is socially awkward, ethereal, naive, and suffering side effects from a high dose of antipsychotic meds. Never blinking, flat affect, and chewing on her tongue. Why didn't she just eat the soup?
I never felt a romantic connection between the H&h. It just didn't develop for me. It was about looks for him. He strutted, and she was chosen. They hardly had a conversation. No emotional connection, which felt odd when reading the consumation. Felt like incest.
Anyway I made it halfway and couldn't take anymore. Just got bored. But I give you 5 for the cover, Tht is a fine looking torso on a male.
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