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Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2018
Following up Mitch Rapp's introduction in 'Transfer of Power,' this continuation does not disappoint! It jumps right into Mitch carrying forward his patriotism from protecting national interests at home in the first novel to taking the fight abroad! An immediate twist takes the fight back home quickly enough as he seeks to unwind layer after layer of betrayal, trying to determine who can be trusted but also trying to protect those closest to him. This novel chases Mitch as he runs from both domestic terrorists and his own government as he seeks the truth!

Whereas the first novel throws you right into the professional story of this honed weapon, the sequel spends a bit more time exploring the more "human" side of Mitch and the struggles to reconcile his military life with the life he wants to eventually lead. That helps speak to the vulnerability of Mitch's character in his constant exposure via his reporter girlfriend, Anna. She serves as his ongoing "foil" but also one of the series' more inconsistent plot points on account of that. She is built out as a domineering/intelligent persona but then consistently makes reactive/short-sighted decisions that both conflict with her background and undermine Mitch's ongoing efforts. Despite that though, she provides a wonderful extra dimension to this otherwise stoic hero.

Continuing from the first novel, something the author, Flynn, does exceptionally well is providing an exciting blend of thrills/action alongside heavy servings of political intrigue and bureaucratic back-channeling. Rather than just glazing over the political backdrop, Flynn spends a significant amount of time focusing on the governmental factors simultaneously in play giving this series an attractive balance not often seen in the genre!
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