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Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2019
We have been using this soap/shampoo plus the Eucerin Eczema relief body cream for a month now...and it has absolutely overhauled my daughters skin!! My 4 year old had been battling eczema for over a year now. She breaks out on the backs of her legs in large, red, raised spots that she scratches until she bleeds. We have 2 prescription creams from the dermatologist & switched to sensitive, fragrance free everything (laundry detergent, sunscreen etc etc). Then we began the almost year long journey of finding the correct soap/lotion was a nightmare & it was so expensive! Over the last 11 months we have tried 2 different Dove’s, 2 different Aveenos 2 different Cerave’s and baby Cetaphil. Every single one of those made her flare up within hours to days, left her itchy, very dry or so slimy we couldn’t even get clothes on. Eucerin was our last ditch effort...and I hate that we waited so long to try it!! This has been the first time, in a long time, that my daughter has not broken out, spent her nights itching or had any flare ups! She has been so comfortable for the last month, it’s been such a wonderful transition. Her skin is smooth and very hydrated! Has it cured her eczema? Definitely not! But it has absolutely kept her eczema under control better than any other product we have used! This will be the only product we buy from now on.
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