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Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2019
The design is nice. I love the color.
Seems pretty durable. I've only had it one day but I did some stress tests on the zippers and handle since those are two of the main 3 things that get complaints for this product.
The 3rd thing is the concerns regarding carrying the charger in this case.
I put the charger in and closed it and my immediate thought was this might damage my games. It seems to be pressing hard against them. I think more space should be added to the top.

In my attached photos I included images of the case I'm currently using. The only reason I felt the need to buy another case was because this other case doesn't hold very many games. Other than that the other case exceeded my expectations whereas this case fell short.

The other case is designed for the New 2DS XL. It says that right on the packaging. However, I have a New 3DS XL in a clear shell and it still fits perfectly!

It is difficult to take my 3DS in or out of the TakeCase which is annoying. I will say I love the mesh for the 3DS pouch. It really feels protective and cushy. Excellent! Now if it wasn't a struggle to get my DS out. Or in.
With that amazing cushioning on the DS pouch I definitely agree with someone from the reviews idea of making the cartridge pockets face the DS instead of the charger pocket. Increase the width of the case just a smidge so the top and bottom portion are equal size and flip the game pockets and that would improve the case a lot!

I definitely like the handle. Similar quality to my other case. Probably can't take as much abuse but if you're not being rough with it it should hold well.

Only reason I can think of for this case to have two zippers is because of the previous complaints about the zippers coming off. Having two means if one comes off you still have a zipper. The two zippers clacking together is annoying though. Maybe a silicon coating or rubber zipper pulls would help?

If you don't plan on bringing your charger with you then this case is great. The stylus is really nice and it holds 16 games! Plus, that charger pocket could fit more. If you use little DS holders like the ones my other case comes with you could have them float around in that pocket worry free. I will keep this case mostly as a game carry case. Without a DS in it maybe it will hold a charger without worrying about squishing things.

TLDR: It's a very good case if you don't need to bring a charger with you.
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