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Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2020
So this was certainly an experience. At first, I was unsure how well this unique format could end up telling an engaging and complex story, but I was pleasantly surprised by the end. I absolutely understand the appeal and the high praise now.

I went into this pretty blind as all I knew was that this was a scifi story told in an unconventional way. I had also heard that the audiobook was fantastic so I decided to switch between it and the ebook. While I loved the incorporation of a full cast and sound effects (which definitely made the space battle sound epic), some of the images used in the book weren't able to be replicated via audio. I found myself preferring the ebook just so that I could appreciate the visuals that were included.

For me, this book was a bit of a roller-coaster. There were times that I found the text slow, confusing, or bogged down with technical terms, abbreviations, or other details that I couldn't keep straight. Occasionally, reading this felt like too much work and I'd have to put the book down for a bit before I was mentally ready to tackle it again. Then, there were other times that I was completely captivated and would flip page after page as I just had to know what was going to happen next. I didn't expect the multiple threats that emerged throughout the story or how dark things got toward the end. There were some really tense and even heartbreaking moments and twists that I didn't see coming. All of this contributed to how much I enjoyed this book and could overlook some of the issues I had had with parts of it.

Normally, I'm a big fan of romance in anything that I read. However, I never felt any strong emotion about Ezra and Kady as a couple. Don't get me wrong, I thought they were both fine, but I much preferred them as individual characters -- with a slight bias toward Kady if I had to choose. I liked seeing their connections with other characters and how they each responded to the various obstacles that they encountered. I just think they made better friends than lovers.

Unlike what seems to be the majority of readers/reviewers, I wasn't enamored with AIDAN. Even after my initial dislike and wariness lessened, I still got too many creepy or weird vibes from him (especially involving Kady) which meant he never won me over completely. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That being said, I did like being inside the mind of an A.I. character and seeing certain events play out from his perspective.

Overall, I was quite entertained by the story and super impressed by the level of creativity in how it was relayed to readers.
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