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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2018
I bought the MO after having articles forwarded to me from (2) different people in the same day about it and then gettting inundated with social media ads... so good news for the Meeting Owl marketing team, your marketing worked.

We do morning "Huddles" where we have approximately 20 people in one room and a few other people remotely video conferencing in. We use mainly Chrome OS with Zoom running in a web browser. Our normal setup is a wide view camera on the top of a TV at one end of the room. The room is fairly large, approximately 25-30 feet long and 15 feet wide.

We tested it with a huddle this morning and overall it worked well -- some takeaways so far:

* It definitely has a "cool" factor -- people found themselves staring at the screen to see if it noticed they were speaking... we dubbed it "Witchcraft" :)

* The speed at which is detects who is speaking can vary -- sometimes it picks them up right away, sometimes it is a little slower to respond. My guess is it is trying to decipher between someone making rustling noises with paper (ie: not important sounds) vs. important sounds like speaking.

* Our room is large -- the remote users noted that the audio was similar to the high end video conference microphone we normally used -- which was an original concern of mine.

* Since our room is so large, one comment is that the people tend to have a lot of "white space" around them -- it would be nice if the Owl could zoom in on them, even digitally, to make them look larger... possibly there could be a setting for the type of meeting (small/medium/large room and if people are sitting or standing, or distance most people are from camera, etc). When sitting I don't think this would be as much an issue as when we stand for our huddles. I'm not sure if the resolution of the camera currently is high enough to support this.

* The remote users noted it was an improvement to be able to see the face of the person speaking. Normally they have to guess who is speaking based upon recognizing the voice.

* We had a few minor glitches... there was one situation where my body was directly on a split and MO would not center on me. I could see my left and right arms but the middle of my body was on the camera split. I made sure to talk directly at it was not able to pick up.

* The full room view is not very useful when having a large conference (huddle) type setup -- the remote users considered it more "gimmicky" and not effective as it was too small. It also takes up the screen real-estate and so the direct shots of people are smaller. Two options: A) It would be nice to have the option in the app to turn that feature off. B) It would be cool if it could "auto turn off" if someone within the same room was not speaking. For example if only a remote person was speaking, show the full room, but once someone within the room is speaking then show only the large views of people (and get rid of the panorama) as it is not as relevant. This may be tough as you would have to figure out how MO could determine the difference between a speaker and the TV [Maybe the app would allow defining the location of the TV in the setup to aid MO in this].

* Along with having an app to change settings -- I may have a number of staff using the device and not be connected to MO for settings. It would be cool to have mini QR code cards (think index card type things) that we could hold up to the MO camera to change settings. If my team wanted to turn the Panorama on/off, they could just hold up a QR code to the MO and it would change the setting instantly. We don't want people fumbling with their phones or having to "connect" it if they have not already. [Feel free to send me a free MO if you use that idea LOL]

* One unintended side effect: The MO makes me much more aware of the bald spot on the back of my head... I can now see it when I look at the TV. :)
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