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Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2019
To start off with a similar statement as the book, you don’t need to read The Phoenix Project to read the book. On the contrary, you’ll only need to read The Phoenix Project.

Taking another metaphor to explain what is the problem. The whole story is written in a way that is similar to the Star Trek Enterprise service shaft engineers trying to figure out why the tea created by the replicators is 45.5 degree instead of 45 degree, while the ship is about to blow up and Bridge is busy trying to solve that problem. Hell, we even don’t know about the fact that the company is threaten being out from business.

Our engineers in the service shaft knows every technology, every answer to any question, so they don’t need to go through struggles to figure out answers or for the matter of fact learn anything new. They already know it. All of them.

The only storyline in the book is always rosy. Sometimes it’s a bit dark colored, sometimes more of a vivid pink, but it is always pink.

Luckily, The Phoenix Project book was published first, reading this I would have never considered reading The Phoenix Project.
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