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Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2017
I moved into the first floor of an apartment recently and the building was using old flooring. I could hear my upstairs neighbors walking, opening their drawers, opening their sliding mirror door etc. One of them would ALWAYS get up around 2 AM and walk around doing something. From my room, it sounds like high heels walking on hardwood floor. It always woke me up.

Anyway, these were my last resort. I never used ear plugs so it was a little uncomfortable for me at first but you get used to it. I now sleep without interruption. Actually, they work so well in blocking noise that it can be a CON because I can't hear my alarm now! I have to wear my Apple Watch to wake me up (by vibration, not sound).

If you decide to purchase ear plugs, I recommend you on researching the correct way to insert them. I was inserting them wrong in the beginning.

I found that the BEST WAY to insert these properly is while looking into a mirror
1. Pull the top part of your ear outward and upward.
2. Roll up the ear plugs nice and tight.
3. Insert the squished ear plug PERPENDICULAR and in the middle area of the tragus (as you are looking at the mirror)
4. You would know if you inserted it correctly when it tickles as its going in.
5. The ear plug should not reach outside your incisura if it is properly inserted.

"incisura" and "tragus" are names of the ear parts
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