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Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2017
Enemy of the State sees Mitch Rapp unleashed like you’ve never seen him before. Kyle Mills has officially taken over this universe and has made it his own. In recent interviews, I’ve heard Kyle say that he more or less had to write a forgery of sorts when he took over with The Survivor. With three pages left behind by the late Vince Flynn, and very little to go off from The Last Man. Kyle delivered on that forgery, with many fans not knowing where Vince left off and where Kyle took over. With Order to Kill, I feel like Kyle did an even 50/50 with writing in Vince’s style and his own. He stayed true to all our favorite characters and even created a few of his own. One very good one at that. Now, with Enemy of the State, Kyle has taken ownership of this franchise and made it his own and is doing a fantastic job.

Enemy of the State brings back some very special characters from the past, some good and some bad. When I say bad, I don’t mean they were a bad choice, I mean they’re BAD to the bone character wise.

Other fan favorites are also back, Scott Coleman is still recovering but is eager to return to the field and Mike Nash is being built up as a potential player on a whole different level. Dr. Irene Kennedy is of course as impressive as always in her craft and her son Tommy is mentioned quite a bit as always.

In Order to Kill, Kyle hints at a potential relationship for Mitch which I am happy to see moving forward and being a very good thing for Mitch. In fact, Enemy of the State ends on a very good note which finally has Mitch having everything he’s been missing in life. The seismic like activities created in these pages are sure to get you thinking as deep as Mitch is, regarding his past, present and future.

As I mentioned, and then completely went in another direction, in this book we see Mitch Rapp unleashed like never before. In this MUST-READ thriller, he goes rogue and is left to deal with certain situations how best he sees fit. For example, his mission planning is interrupted by a local thug and he deals with him in a quick and permanent as well as bad ass move.

Kyle throws in so many fun easter eggs that are sure to pop out at you if you’re a longtime fan of the series. Along with those, the action, dialogue and story line are sure to capture you from the very first page. Enemy of the State starts off with Mitch fulfilling a promise he made in Order to Kill. While doing so, a longtime favorite character is also mentioned, as Rapp mentions his training so long ago from the pages of American Assassin. To conclude my rambling, Enemy of the State is definitely 5 stars worthy and another winner for Kyle Mills.
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