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Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2019
Original review after 5 days (May 28):
One out of two cameras has a small problem - the rubber piece in the center of back cover is broken out of the box. A call to customer service solve the problem - they sent me a replacement. Used the two cameras for five days so far, I will give it 3 stars at the moment. The set up was pretty easy, took me about 15 mins to get both working. The connection to WiFi is not very strong although close to a range extender but the cameras seem working fine. The quality of the videos are OK, cannot identify car plate numbers easily if the car is moving. My wife drove her car from street into garage at 2-3 miles per hour, the plate is not readable. Still need to see the battery life, but I don't really care about 2 years or 6 months as long as I don't have to change battery every month like my Ring door bell.

Updated review after 4 weeks (June 20):
Range issue: Each individual camera needs to connect to both the Sync Module and WiFi and each camera gets WiFi SSID and password from the Sync Module, which means Sync Module and each individual camera have to connect to the same WiFi or at least WiFis with same SSID and password. In my case, I have a 2-camera set, one in the front of my house and one in the back of the house. I have to put my Sync Module in the middle of my house so that both cameras can connect to it with reasonable signal strength. The Sync Module connect to my router with good signal, but not the cameras. Then I put in two WiFi extenders with one close to each camera and both extenders use same SSID and password. Now both cameras have good connections to both Sync Module and WiFi, but what a complicated setup!

Sensitivity Issue: The cameras seem to be anywhere between way-too-sensitive to way-too-insensitivity randomly. They can be triggered by flies or be triggered 10 times within 3 minutes by some not-in-the-active-zone activities; or they may decide not to see anything for several hours to anything even just right in front of them.

Second update on July 5:
Using multiple extenders with same SSIDs and passwords is not a good solution which makes the entire WiFi at my home unstable. Now I had to invest a whole new mesh WiFi system. Everything works great now, but Blink XT2 is not impressive.
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