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Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2020
This book presents the concepts of anarcho-capitalism in a way not really done before. The narrative structure of the book offers a different approach than the existing literature on the topic. We progress through the concepts of liberty via a "desert island" example, so the author can build up the ideas at the proper pace. The illustrations are also a very nice touch.

The ideas in this book, if accepted broadly within society, would lead to a new Renaissance of human flourishing and cooperation. The centralized-states model of societal organization has led to immense amounts of human suffering and death. It's high time to try something new.

Other reviewers have given this book one star simply because they disagree with the concept of anarcho-capitalism, which is poor form. This is the same as dog-lovers swooping in on a cat grooming book with reviews like "Dogs rule, cats drool. 1 Star"
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