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Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2017
I ordered this desk after reading some reviews and lured by its rating. The desk arrived quickly, and the packaging looks decent. However after opening the box, setting it up (was easy as no assembly required to give Varidesk credit) and using it for a few days, I noticed a list of things that very much bothered me.

First, sure I can adjust height to different positions. Those positions are pre-set, fixed positions. I needed to try a couple of times to get it to the height close to where I want it to be. Every adjustment and locking came with the annoying click click noise. I have expected it to be reasonably quiet, but that is not the case.

Second, when I set it at a specific location, it is not securely locked into that position. Rather the desk still can move down for about an inch when I applied a little force on the desk, like it is cushioning. Why is that? It literally changed the position you want it to set at, when you put on your monitors or other stuff on the desk surface.

Third, the desk wobbles left or right beyond the reasonable tolerance (to me). So when I type, put on or take away something from the desk, it just responds to that motion. I was expecting a solid and stable positioning from the desk but it didn't seem to deliver.

I am having trouble to securely push down the desk to its lowest position. The right side always pops up unless I press it down really hard. I didn't try Varidesk before, so can't tell whether this is a common issue or a defect.

Once the desk lifts up to the full height, the keyboard tray sticks out quite a bit, and I have to stand back and give away some space. I feel the desk may tip if I lean on it. Sure I would not purposely do that, but in my view it has tipping risk. I hope such risk has been well assessed and validated.

So, my conclusion is this desk is not meeting my expectations for a premium quality standing desk at almost $400 price range. I am going to return it and look for other solutions. I can only speak from my experience, but would not be surprised if others have similar experience. I would NOT recommend this desk to anyone who seriously considers a $300-$400 price range standing desk. There got to be better ones. Do your research and don't blindly go with number of reviews or ratings.
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