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Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2014
The Logic Games are widely considered the most difficult section of the LSAT. I agree with that opinion. While this study guide offers an extensive and in-depth method for completing the games, I feel its efficacy depends entirely on your individual learning style. I always needed physics or advanced math equations to be demonstrated to me in person, step-by-step, in order to grasp them. I never could figure out what the hell the texts were talking about when trying to learn on my own. This turned out to be very much the same thing (for me, at least). Without having someone else show me from where the steps for diagramming the games were coming, I may as well have been reading a text written entirely in Sanskrit. My score in logic games actually declined in practice tests after working with the guide. And by declined, I mean they actually decreased by an entire freaking half. This is not to say this guide does not fulfill its purpose or promise, it's simply saying that if, like me, you need certain types of questions shown to you physically in order to fully comprehend them, then you should probably not waste your time or money with this guide. Or, my full recommendation would be that you buy the guide and find a proctor, tutor, or friend that can help explain the steps of the games that the guide covers. Additionally, you should allow for a significant amount of time to dedicate to actually studying the guide. DO NOT try to squeeze everything in in a couple of weeks prior to the test because you are a terrible procrastinator and made a last minute decision to register for the exam late and then order your materials. That is definitely NOT advisable.
* Oh, and if anyone's interested, I scored a 160, but only got a dismal 7/23 of the logic games questions correct. I annihilated the other sections, though, but that doesn't really matter in the long run because your final score as a whole is what the schools look at. All my performance on the other sections did was basically act as damage control.
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