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Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2016
I gave this book five stars but not for the reason you may think. I am a great admirer of Grossman scholarship and his willingness to take on one of the most important issue of our time, or anytime for that matter, the issue of "killing". I purchased his latest work, "Assassination Generation" for members of my family. This book, like Grossman's other best sellers, "On Killing" and "On Combat", serve as a timely thought-provoking treaty on a subject which both scare us and fascinate us at the same time. Grossman, by the very arguments he makes against other theories on mass killings, put forth the most prevailing argument against his own video game aggression and the psychology of killing. Just as guns, medications, population density, oppression of women and parents are not the primary motivation for killing, neither is video games, Like guns, video games are just tools that serve to enhance the marksmanship capability of those determine to kill. I suspect there is no single cause that drives human-being to murder one another. I am excited by the comments of reviewers, pro and con alike. I am gratified by Grossman's courage and determination of placing both his expertise and his reputation front and center. I am waiting with great anticipation to see where this debate takes us. Thanks Lt. Col. Grossman for supplying more food for thought. i can't wait to discuss this book with family members.
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