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Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2018
Briskly written and entertaining, but if you have read other pop science accounts of non-locality in physics, there's not much for you here. The author's insistence on avoiding math at all costs eventually proves a hindrance. Through copious analogies you get a whiff of insight but not much understanding. There were times where more images would have been helpful, for example, Musser mentions a visual similarity between twistor theory diagrams and certain string theory diagrams. Why not just show us?

Don't get me wrong. If this is your first introduction to this field, I highly recommend it. And even if not, it does give a good description of the scientific process in general.

One more thing. The page count is highly padded by the end notes, bibliography, etc. Consequently, it's a much quicker read than one might think at first blush.
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