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Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2019
I ordered the prismatic black, but I got a flat black, so I feel scammed on that count. I've had it a couple of weeks so far and am generally really happy with it, a big improvement over the GS7, and I've enjoyed that phone a lot. It's faster, the battery life is amazing, the screen is beautifully crisp. The fingerprint unlock isn't perfect but it's a vast improvement. The old one wouldn't recognize me half the time. Things I don't like: when the screen is off, it's hard to tell the top from the bottom. I need to tap on the screen to wake up the fingerprint reader. I don't like that notices don't just show up on top bar; they also pop up in miniature over any other screen I'm on - articles I'm reading, games I'm playing, anything. I can drag the notice to the top of the screen to dismiss it, but it's annoying. The thing I HATE: frikken Bixby!! I would have been interested in exploring it until I realized that they set the phone up to force you into using it. You know that awesome and so very cool voice control for declining a call? While the phone is ringing, you just say, "Reject" and it hangs up. How sweet was that? Well, it's gone! Whoever made that decision should be fired. Now the only way to use voice commands like that is to go thru Bixby, so first you have wake up that jerk - Hey, Bixby - and THEN you can tell it to decline the call. Which means it's faster to just reach over and push the button. Totally lost the cool factor, too. I would have bought a GS9 to have kept this function. So I refuse to strong armed into using Bixby, esp since it's no faster than Google Assistant and doesn't seem to do anything the Assistant doesn't do already. I hope they rethink this good and fix it in a future update. Then this thing will be stellar!
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